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In each season, we bring you the story of each creator along with the journey the creator took to create his or her unique and beautiful work.
Season 1Ronin showcases talented and passionate creators from around the world. In each season, we bring you the story of each creator along with the journey the creator took to create his or her unique and beautiful work, which is made available only through Ronin’s marketplace.
Ecological ArtistJuliette Dumas

French artist Juliette Dumas, shares in her work Love, Resilience and Hope. Her life-size Whale Fluke Paintings are a testimony of her pledge: to create art for Planet Earth...

Miniature Artist and PhotographerFelix Hernandez

For artist and photographer Felix Hernandez, the tiniest moments can produce the greatest things.

Glass SculptorJack Storms

Growing up in the Granite State of New Hampshire, Jack Storms found inspiration for his work right in his own backyard. To this day, he finds opportunity and perfection in nature. From Lake Winnipesaukee to Mount Washington, Jack’s lenses are framed by waterfalls, hiking trails, Northeast beaches, and the most alluring sunsets alike.

MusicianBukhu Ganburged

Though Bukhu is Australian-based, his heart and soul lives in Mongolia, which is evident in his craft. Bukhu’s music pays homage to his cultural and ancestral roots, while seamlessly blending the lines between traditional and modern musical styles.

Miniatures ArtistRaphael Truffi Bortholuzzi

Raphael is, above all, a storyteller. His stories leave their unique handprints and footprints in conversation and in art, from ideation to completion of each piece. For him, the mastery of his craft is incomplete without the stories that animate it. Raphael’s pieces inspire a new perspective; a promise to uncover the beauty and charm in the mundane and often bleak realities we face daily.

Robot Sculptor and Graphic ArtistBruno Lefevre-Brauer

Bruno’s philosophy in life shapes his art, and his art shapes his life: everything must live a second life, and have a second chance to be used and appreciated again.

Comic ArtistSonny Liew

In Sonny Liew’s story, comic artistry stretches far beyond the world of children’s superheroes. For Sonny, illustrating comics is a universe defined by the limits of ink pens, Photoshop Studio, and his own imagination.

Artist & CalligrapherDmitrii Lamonov

Dmitrii says, “I am my art.” Whether he is creating a logo, a calligraphic masterpiece, or street art, Dmitrii’s work bridges the gap between old and new, traditional and contemporary.

ChefChef Seyhak

For Chef Seyhak, all the world’s a stage – and he shines in the kitchen. This young chef is a living testament to the enduring connections that culinary experience and a holistic love for food can create. On his stage, making a delicious meal means making possibilities for creativity, laughter, and a whole lot of love.

SculptorLin Jianjun

From his humble studio in Putian – just east of the Chinese province of Fujian - Lin Jianjun’s work and life spans the globe with one goal: to share the magic of traditional Chinese wood carving with the next generation.

SculptorTrần Duy

A young artist enthralled by his medium, Duy hopes to convey meaning, joy, and cheer in his works. Almost intuitively, Duy puts his family’s artistry on the world stage, highlighting the endless possibilities of wood as an art form, and its intergenerational messages.

Hyper-Realism ArtistHopex John

Hopex, Nigeria-born and raised, uses his art to tell the stories of his wildest dreams. With great reverence for African narratives, Hopex believes in artwork as a vessel for amplifying the voices of those around him.

String ArtistIram Lima

Brazilian artist Iram creates new worlds from nothing but bundles of strings. As the sole artist in his family, he chose to kindle his early love for creation into a career.

Oil PainterRussell Powell

For Russell Powell, creator of the “handstamping technique,” the two most prophetic art tools are attached to his very wrists. His hands personify and shape the message he hopes to share through his art – the theme of connection and togetherness regardless of backgrounds and identities.

SculptorBlake McFarland

For Blake McFarland, the opportunity to create art is an opportunity for a new life. A retired MLB player turned full-time sculptor and artist, Blake channeled his heart and soul into his art after suffering a career-ending injury. For him, the studio was an escape from pain and despair, and today it is a blank canvas for rebirth, restoration, and transformation.

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