Lin Jianjun

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Lin Jianjun

Lin Jianjun’s expertise makes him a one-of-a-kind creator. According to him, there are merely a handful of artists remaining that produce the same level of Chinese wood carving in the country, and they each showcase unique styles and methods. He is a rarity, even in his circle, which positions him as a beacon of knowledge and inspiration for art enthusiasts everywhere. In his early years, Lin was surrounded by and looked up to many artists, craftsmen, and sculptures alike. Once respected icons in their fields, Lin’s role models grew older and succeeding generations were either unable or unwilling to take their place.


From his humble studio in Putian – just east of the Chinese province of Fujian - Lin Jianjun’s work and life spans the globe with one goal: to share the magic of traditional Chinese wood carving with the next generation.

It’s a sad story for more traditional art forms, one seen all over the world – and one that Lin Jianjun hopes to rewrite through his career. Many artisans and creators cannot find suitable replacements to carry the torch, because the industries they represent are no longer lucrative enough to sustain interest and opportunity for the next generations to learn and participate. In addition, there is little money to be had from such work. For Lin Jianjun, creation is a vessel for connecting with the world’s youth, and he hopes to instill within them a love, appreciation, and understanding for the cultural value of Chinese wood carving. He also wants to prove that it can and should be a viable source of livelihood. And he’s well on his way!


Before he began teaching apprentices, Lin’s artistic journey began at age six. It was the mid 1990s, and he remembers the day that his aunt, a former wood carver, showed him how to hold a chisel for the first time. He was in awe of his aunt, who taught him that a humble piece of wood could become a work of art – and all it took was a little patience, creativity, and perseverance. It was love at first chisel and Lin was like a sponge, learning as much as he could about his new craft. After a year of rigorous learning and practice, Lin left his hometown and began to apprentice himself under other masters of the craft.

Lin Jianjun

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He studied and learned for years, hopping from teacher to teacher, while simultaneously juggling his education and personal life. For Lin, those early years were physically demanding but intensely rewarding. Luckily, he had the support and admiration of his family throughout the duration of his apprenticeships. Upon leaving the tutelage of his masters, Lin immediately found work – and a home – in Buddhist temples. There, he saw the cultural, religious, and historical value of his work. Echoes of Buddhist culture were seen in his early studio work as an independent artist, and they continue to have a profound impact on his pieces.


Now, Lin finds inspiration in all facets of his life, including personal experiences, travels, and even daily life with his wife, Chen Qin, a fellow wood carver. In this view, wood carving is a lens for Lin and his family to experience, and positively influence, the world around them.


At the present time, Lin finds great joy in belonging in teaching apprentices. His selection process for prospective apprentices is stringent, as they are required to have a solid foundation in the arts and dedication to the physically-laborious craft. Despite that, he treats his apprentices as an extension of his career, and the careers of those he descended from. He sees himself in his young apprentices, and has great confidence in their ability to carry the torch, rewrite the story, and kindle a worldwide appreciation for classical Chinese wood carving. One chisel at a time.

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