Iram Lima

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Iram Lima

Despite the intricacy and sheer talent displayed in his pieces, Iram’s immersion in the art world is new. Two years ago, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, he took a chance. Little did he know, it would change his life forever. Even then, the sky – or, the strings – was the limit for Iram, who did not let his lack of professional experience or formal art education stop him. Determined to chase his string art dreams, Iram went on to become a self-taught artist. His strings led the way, and he has not looked back since.

Brazilian artist Iram creates new worlds from nothing but bundles of strings. As the sole artist in his family, he chose to kindle his early love for creation into a career.

For Iram, each string piece begins with a clear idea and vision that he draws on paper. Inspired by abstract artists and the development of his own string techniques, he finds great solace in reflection in seeing a piece from ideation to completion.


What motivates Iram to continue drawing and manipulating strings into meaningful masterpieces is seeing the results of his hard work, and the smiles on people’s faces when they come across his collections. His art career is his life, with his days spent in the studio and each piece taking, on average, a week to complete.

Iram Lima

Yin Yang

Art made with 795 nails forming a Yin-yang, a symbol that represents two opposing and complementary energies. Instead of using black for Yin and white for Yang, I preferred to use blue and orange which are also two opposite colors. The color orange is a warm color that signifies joy, vitality, prosperity and success. The result of mixing the primary colors red and yellow. It is associated with creativity, as its use awakens the mind and helps in the process of assimilating new ideas. The color blue signifies tranquility, serenity, harmony and spirituality, but it is also associated with coldness, monotony and depression. It symbolizes water, the sky and infinity. In a game of opposing colors that complement each other, this art brings with it the message of balance, I chose bright colors to bring good messages and more life to the piece and to the spectator. Materials: nails, threads, MDF, spray paint Dimensions: 60 centimeters in diameter

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Yin Yang

On reflecting on his favorite piece, Iram is immediately drawn to a Quadro String Art piece that transports viewers into a mystical mountain view, complete with stoic castles. For this piece, Iram even crafted an accompanying frame that he gifted, free of charge. His way of connecting strings into unforgettable art pieces parallels the pieces’ ability to connect artist to artist, and creator to consumer. Though Iram has seen great success through his art, his career has not been devoid of struggle. In addition to creating art, Iran continues to learn the languages of entrepreneurship, management, social media marketing, and content creation – a vast undertaking for a full-time artist.


With each day as a blank mandala or landscape, Iram is committed to the process, and wants to remind other artists to believe in themselves and celebrate each aspect of creating and selling art.


In the future, Iram dreams of seeing his pieces in their own art exhibit. He looks forward to a more consolidated career both in Brazil and globally. But, now, he is proud of where his strings have guided him. Just three years ago, Iram never would have imagined a successful career in which his art connects himself to his craft, and his viewers to the stories of his wildest dreams. It is one day, one mandala, one landscape, one string at a time.

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