Dmitrii Lamonov

Dmitrii says, “I am my art.” Whether he is creating a logo, a calligraphic masterpiece, or street art, Dmitrii’s work bridges the gap between old and new, traditional and contemporary.

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Dmitrii Lamonov

Initially inspired by his father’s miniature Russian box paintings, Dmitrii always enjoyed art as a child, but did not develop his passion until later in life. Originally a geography teacher, Dmitrii obtained a secondary education in graphic design in 2013, which marked his entrance into the art world. Dmitrii remembers how, one day, pixels emerged in his mind as a symbol from the digital world, representing a way to fuse the traditional with the contemporary in his work. Today, Dmitrii’s work embodies a celebration of tradition with modern voices. The two worlds intersect in his pieces, where calligraphic, dry brush strokes meet fresh, sharp pixels from the digital era.

Dmitrii says, “I am my art.” Whether he is creating a logo, a calligraphic masterpiece, or street art, Dmitrii’s work bridges the gap between old and new, traditional and contemporary.

In the art world, Dmitrii’s first love was calligraphy. He drew inspiration from European and Asian styles of calligraphy, and eventually attended calligraphy school to become immersed in Russian traditional writing. Before long, Dmitrii began experimenting with his own fonts and typographies. He followed the path of his ink pen, leading him to represent Russia at a calligraphy exhibition in the United Arab Emirates in 2018, where he networked with international artists.

Dmitrii’s ink pen then led him to the new world of graphic design, where he combined his love for lettering with signage by creating logos, which remains a hallmark of his career. He feels challenged by the prospect of creating a sign with minimal tools, but he is inspired by the magic he can create with his calligraphic aptitude and eye for design.
Dmitrii Lamonov

The Shawl

The artwork is inspired by traditional Russian craft - the Pavloposadskiy shawl. Pavlov Posad printed shawls are one of the most famous Russian folk crafts. Today, Pavloposad's scarves and shawls with stunning floral ornaments are famous all over the world. The author has reinterpreted the shawl in his signature original manner. The pixels and distortions refer to the digital world. Dimenions: 100cm x 100cm Material: Canvas, acrylic and solvent paints, brushes, airbrush

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The Shawl

One of his favorite pieces is the Tongue Twister, which draws inspiration from popular tongue twisters as an emblem of his Russian childhood. In the piece, the actual text of the tongue twister is distorted with different layering techniques, pixels, and brush strokes – much like how our words are distorted when attempting to pronounce a tongue twister. Though intentionally distorted, Dmitrii’s piece achieves a perfect harmony between childhood and adulthood, confusion and clarity, and the old world with the new.


As Dmitrii continues to combine his passions of graphic design, street art, calligraphy, and digital art, he consistently pushes himself to new limits. With a hyper-focus on growth, Dmitrii is committed to developing and demonstrating new techniques that allow him to most poignantly share his messages with the world.


The connection between seemingly different worlds is what animates Dmitrii’s art, where his tools fuse the themes of artist and artwork, young and old, traditional and contemporary. His practice of combining established techniques with new motifs allows everyone to find a place in his artwork – no matter their age, ability, or background. And, for Dmitrii, it is a way to pay homage to his Russian heritage, while continuing to guide his pen in the direction of progress, modernity, and true harmony.

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