Bukhu Ganburged

Though Bukhu is Australian-based, his heart and soul lives in Mongolia, which is evident in his craft. Bukhu’s music pays homage to his cultural and ancestral roots, while seamlessly blending the lines between traditional and modern musical styles.

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Bukhu Ganburged

Hailing from the mountains and rolling plateaus of Mongolia’s Ulaanbaatar, Bukhu has brought a global perspective since he first stepped foot into the music industry. He began as a student at the Mongolian Music and Dance Conservatory in his home province of Ulaanbaatar and embarked on his career immediately following his graduation in 2007. Because of Bukhu’s sheer talent and impressive track record at many musical competitions, he was offered membership to the Mongolian State Morin Khuur Ensemble, a cohort of the world’s best fiddle players.

Though Bukhu is Australian-based, his heart and soul lives in Mongolia, which is evident in his craft. Bukhu’s music pays homage to his cultural and ancestral roots, while seamlessly blending the lines between traditional and modern musical styles.

In 2009, Bukhu left Mongolia and his established music career for Australia due to family matters. There, the stakes were high, and the future uncertain. Without any connections in the Australian music industry, Bukhu took to the streets of Sydney and slowly gained exposure and public attention. He was then featured on national television and was granted the esteemed Distinguished Talent Visa by the Australian government, which marked a fresh start over 6,000 miles away from his homeland.


Today, he frequently performs at festivals, and even paid a visit to the Sydney Opera House for an unforgettable performance. According to Bukhu, musical inspiration begins in his dreams. He dreams about a very simple melody in his sleep, which he further develops using the Morin Khuur, the traditional Mongolian horsehead fiddle. Then, he embraces modern beats by including other sounds and genres like looping and electronic. Together, his fiddle, iPad, footpad, and laptop culminate to make an intergenerational, universal harmony that ignites to the dreams of all its listeners.

Bukhu Ganburged

Mother and Father by Bukhu Ganburged

In 2019, Bukhu auditioned for The Voice Australia. His blind audition performance won him international acclaim and recognition. Onstage he performed his favorite piece, Mother and Father. The song’s melody is one of his “dreaming” compositions, and the song’s message also speaks to his dreams as a musician and individual. Mother and Father is an ode to those who long for their homeland and family when separated from their roots. Bukhu’s audition is a living manifestation of his goal to promote Mongolian music on an international stage, compelling people from all walks of life to embrace his culture and share it with the generations to come.

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Mother and Father by Bukhu Ganburged

Bukhu’s music is simultaneously traditional and modern, historical and futuristic. As he combines shamanistic elements of Mongolian throat singing with popular tunes, his pieces appeal to a global audience, synthesizing a new and original sound that transcends even the most insurmountable barriers.


“Create your own style, learn from others, learn lots of different music. Trust yourself – it might take a long time, but don’t give up. I never gave up on my music. You’ll see the magic will happen one day.”


For Bukhu, music has endless possibilities. His instruments transport him into a world where throat singing, fiddle playing, and seemingly disconnected genres blend and combine to beguile and inspire. In this world, each note serves a prophetic purpose and each song speaks to a new dream that can bridge the old with the young, the familiar with the new.

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