Hopex John

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Hopex John

As a child, Hopex’s greatest companions were pencils and pieces of paper to express his imagination. But, it was not until 2017 that Hopex began to develop his skills professionally.


Hopex, Nigeria-born and raised, uses his art to tell the stories of his wildest dreams. With a great reverence for African narratives, Hopex believes in artwork as a vessel for amplifying the voices of those around him.

A self-taught artist, Hopex was encouraged by his peers to follow the path of portrait work. He fell in love with the craft’s ability to bring life, exuberance, and color to the people and places that colored his world.


Hopex draws inspiration from everything and everyone, finding beauty and potential in conversation and dialogue. He uses thick paper and charcoal pencils to embolden even political and sociocultural issues on the canvasses that we call life.

Hopex John

Be my peace

This artwork draws its inspiration from John's personal narrative, a period marked by the darkest phase of his life. It was during this challenging time that he made a conscious decision to transform his frustrations into inspiration, crafting this piece as a source of solace. Remarkably therapeutic, it served as a beacon of hope amidst his struggles.

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Be my peace

His favorite piece is his Afriqueen, a recent drawing that pays homage to his heritage and celebrates Black women and their stories. In the piece, the woman’s hair is her crown, speaking to the multigenerational power held in traditional, Black women’s hairstyles.


The intricacy and stoic nature of Afriqueen highlights Hopex’s creative processes, where he often spends upwards of twelve to fifteen hours in the studio, telling these stories.


Echoes of Nigerian artists Kelvin Okafo and Arinze Stanley – Hopex’s inspirations – are seen in his pieces, yet they maintain his signature style. In the future, Hopex hopes to release a collection of portraits of Black women featuring their cultural hairstyles. The hairstyles, like Hopex’s works, are storytellers, where each braid, twist, bead, and strand plays a role in the rich stories of his homeland.

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