Bruno Lefevre-Brauer

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Bruno Lefevre-Brauer

Bruno wasn’t always the established artist and sculptor that he is today. In his early career, this Parisian artist worked in an entirely different industry. But it’s no surprise where his path led him. According to Bruno, he has always had a knack for the arts and naturally gravitated towards the magic of drawing and illustrating as a child. In Bruno’s teenage years, he grew up reading comic books about robots that engaged him for hours, prompting him to dream about a career limited only by his imagination. Eventually, Bruno attended art school and emerged as a graphic artist, poised to share his work with the world. But his career and life ebbed and flowed, advanced and halted – leading him to become the recognized sculptor that we now know.


Bruno’s philosophy in life shapes his art, and his art shapes his life: everything must live a second life, and have a second chance to be used and appreciated again.

A fresh graduate, Bruno began working at an advertising agency that specializes in creating materials for musicians. Here, he created artwork that found its home on posters, music marketing materials, and CD and DVD covers. For about two decades, Bruno loved what he did, but sculpting also shared a piece of his heart – one that would only grow. At first, Bruno created simple structures from everyday materials like lamps and light bulbs, finding art and opportunity everywhere around him. These sculptures were therapeutic for Bruno to create, allowing him to disconnect from the rigors of work and enter a new world where mundane and basic materials were reborn into something new.


Eventually, Bruno’s skillset grew and he began creating more and more complex structures from discarded industrial parts that were more intimately packed and more complicated to assemble. Despite his constant and growing desire to sculpt, he couldn’t simply close the chapter on graphic design and start anew. According to him, try as he might, many galleries and collectors during this time refused to take his work. The galleries stated that they wanted something more “classical” or “modern,” and weren’t ready to embrace Bruno’s retro-futuristic designs that now represent his signature lines of work.

Bruno Lefevre-Brauer

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Time passed and Bruno eventually located and collaborated with collectors and galleries that showcased his work around the globe, in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and even Taiwan. Finally, Bruno’s successes as a sculptor became more apparent, and, as a result, he left his agency job and started his own studio. There, he could laser-focus on his own work, which, for him, is about embodying “a metaphoric Gepetto bringing many Pinocchios to life.” That spirit is ever-present in his work, with his sculptures hinting that their elements could come to life at any moment.


“Bruno considers himself as Gepetto, creating life out of inanimate objects, and always having fun with what he creates. In his work and in his art, Bruno wants to highlight, especially to the youth, that it’s important to reuse things.” (When asked how he stays inspired in what he does and what he wishes to express to those who follow his works).


The Confucian advice to “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life,” really resonates for Bruno. He dedicates intense time and effort into each and every structure, which both conveys and reinforces his passion for the creative arts. For him, the thrill comes from the hunt for the perfect vintage piece (sourced from his global network of friends and acquaintances) and giving them a second life through his sculptures. Bruno’s artwork is transnational, transgenerational, and intimately personal. Each viewer can identify with an element of each piece, and find opportunity for new life within the bounds of his sculptures – just as Bruno does in the creative process.

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