Felix Hernandez

For artist and photographer Felix Hernandez, the tiniest moments can produce the greatest things.

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Felix Hernandez

Nature is home for Felix Hernandez. For the last twenty years, he has chosen to live a life framed by the ocean. However, it was not always easy. Felix made many sacrifices to center his life, family, and career around the beaches of Cancún, Mexico – where he calls home. Today, he values the freedom of living in Cancún more than anything – because he did not always have it. Born in Mexico City, Felix spent his childhood between Mexico and Spain, owing to his father’s work. As a child, Felix’s imagination was larger than life. With building blocks and Lego pieces, he channeled his imagination into worlds, set pieces, and various vistas that encompassed his vivid thoughts and dreams.

For artist and photographer Felix Hernandez, the tiniest moments can produce the greatest things.

In worlds of his own creation, Felix’s mind and hands were the stars of the show in a story that only continued to unfold. He carried his love for art and creative works across his schooling, eventually choosing to pursue an art degree.


Eventually, Felix pursued a degree in Graphic Design in Puebla, Mexico. With his classroom knowledge and a dream, he sought experiences and openings that he knew would push him to become a better artist. However, it was not always smooth sailing. For Felix, his hometown of Mexico was cramped and the overwhelming number of new graduates in Puebla led to over-saturation in his dream job market. Despite the risk of uprooting his old life and starting anew, Felix moved to Cancún – far away from the city, but close to peace, restorative solitude, and reflection.


At first, Felix worked as a graphic designer as part of a small agency in Cancún. One day, a client had requested that he take some simple, rudimentary photographs. Felix, who had done a fair amount of analog photography in university, hesitantly obliged. Little did he know, the assignment would change the trajectory of his career. Felix’s project was warmly received and, when he adjusted his lenses, he reignited his desire to hone his skills behind the camera. Felix describes his first few productions as “bad,” but his early results did not deter him from improving his craft. Felix wanted to get better, fast. He began with product and interior photography and eventually moved to more complex types of photography.


Before Felix knew it, he was building massive sets and scale models in his studio. There, he became a master of big and small; the intricate details in the terrains and cars that he created and fabricated culminated in grand productions beyond his wildest imagination.


Today, Felix spends most of his day in his Cancún studio. His average morning begins by waking up, preparing for the day, kissing his wife and children goodbye, and embarking on his walk to the studio. There, he prepares coffee, answers emails, monitors social media, and begins building the sets and models for his upcoming projects. If the proximity to the lush Cancún beaches was not enough, Felix’s art studio is a true paradise, complete with rooms dedicated to fabrication, meetings and conferences, photography and studio equipment storage, and even a kitchen for satisfying those midday hunger pangs. His studio is his second home, where his dreams become reality. In the studio, the space between ideation to completion and artist to viewer collapses, allowing him to create some of his most prized miniature works to date.

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