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Blake McFarland
Rhino SculptureOne of his greatest challenges led to one of his most inspiring pieces, available only on Ronin. Blake’s Black Rhino piece – the sole one he will ever create – is a true gem. Fashioned from rare Black Walnut Burl and 8.5 gallons of epoxy resin, the Black Rhino took a month of dreaming, planning, creating, and sculpting. This special piece is a testament to Blake’s uncanny ability and laser-focus, a trait that he transferred from the baseball diamond to the art studio.
Season 1 ProductsRonin showcases talented and passionate creators from around the world. In each season, we bring you the story of each creator along with the journey the creator took to create his or her unique and beautiful work, which is made available only through Ronin’s NFT marketplace in phygital form.
Ronin brings you World-Class Creators and Collectors from around the world and their unique and valuable creations all under one roof.Ronin features some of the world’s best creators and collectors, detailing their life stories and showcasing their art creation and collection journeys, with the mission to inspire a new generation of creators and collectors.

Ronin uses a highly-secured, waterproof and bulletproof facility in the Singapore freeport via partnership with SGPMX to store all high-value collectibles we feature.
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Physical Collectibles. Minted NFTs.
Secure Storage. Live Auctions.
Physical Collectibles. Minted NFTs. Secure Storage. Live Auctions.
Ronin is the world’s first physical collectible marketplace combined with non-fungible tokens (NFTs).hello@ronin.art
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