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Dave Howell

In the midst of the vast North Atlantic, on the rocky shores of Newfoundland, UK-born photographer Dave Howell found not just a new home but a canvas for his unique vision. For 28 years, Howell's lens has traced the contours of life's stories, from the glamor of rock stars to the corridors of power where presidents tread. Yet, his journey began far from the rugged coastlines, in the classrooms of a Welsh boarding school.

Dave Howell is a visionary photographer and storyteller, whose lens captures the timeless tales of life with depth, creativity, and unwavering passion.

It was there, as a 14-year-old, that Howell's fascination with photography took root. Inspired by family members and the allure of foreign places depicted in films, he dreamed of capturing the world through his own lens. A chance encounter with the movie "Under Fire" ignited a passion that would shape his future—a future that would see him flunk out of university in pursuit of his calling.


From the bustling streets of London to the frenetic pace of New York City, Howell's career unfolded with remarkable speed. Armed with his camera and an insatiable curiosity, he dove headfirst into the world of photojournalism, capturing moments that would become iconic images in the annals of history.

Dave Howell

A Tribute To Amy Winehouse

To honor the release of "Back To Black", the Amy Winehouse biopic Ronin is proud to announce our first release, featuring a collaboration between San Jose handprint artist Russell Powell and world-renowned photojournalist David Howells. David, known more for his powerful photographs than his own recognition, captured a subtle yet striking portrait of Amy Winehouse at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas. This image has become one of the most iconic representations of the late star. Inspired by David's work, Russell Powell has created his own handprint interpretation of the photograph with his incredible technique of painting the image first on his palm and then pressing it on to canvas.

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A Tribute To Amy Winehouse

It was in the solitude of Newfoundland's rugged landscape that Howell's creativity truly blossomed. Surrounded by the raw beauty of the island, he found inspiration in the intimate connection between people and place. His photographs became more than mere images—they were windows into the soul of a place and its people.


Collaboration, once a foreign concept to the self-proclaimed lone wolf, became a cornerstone of Howell's work. Working with a team challenged him to think outside the box, pushing the boundaries of his craft and opening new avenues of creative expression.


In a world inundated with images captured on smartphones, Howell remains steadfast in his belief that true value lies not in the technology but in the stories behind the lens. Each photograph is a fragment of time, a tale waiting to be told—a testament to the fleeting nature of life and the enduring power of storytelling.


As Howell continues to navigate the ever-changing landscape of photography, one thing remains clear: his passion for storytelling and his unwavering commitment to capturing life's timeless tales, one frame at a time.


Among Howell's most cherished memories is an encounter with a polar bear in the Torngat Mountains. The bear, dripping with water against a backdrop of black basalt, turned to face Howell, who was rolling on the ocean in a Zodiac. In that fleeting moment, he captured an image that would become emblematic of his ability to anticipate and immortalize the magic of the natural world.


Yet, Howell's artistry extends beyond capturing wildlife and celebrities. In New York City, he embarked on an art project that challenged conventional notions of street photography. By discreetly photographing famous figures in everyday settings, Howell explored the intersection of fame, anonymity, and the value of context in visual storytelling.


In the ever-evolving landscape of photography, Howell remains at the forefront, constantly pushing the boundaries of his craft. From the rugged shores of Newfoundland to the bustling streets of New York City, his lens continues to capture the essence of life's stories, preserving them for generations to come.

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